How Myofunctional Therapy can help with TMJ and TMD

Man closes eyes and holds cloth to face to help with tooth and jaw pain.

What is Myofunctional Therapy and how can it help with TMJ and TMD? Chances are that you have heard the old adage that it takes 47 muscles to frown, but only 13 to smile. While the exact amount of muscles is sometimes disputed, the basis for the argument is accurate: it takes more effort to…

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What are the Benefits of Neuroplasticity?

Image of a brain with blue background.

The Benefits of Neuroplasticity Human beings are very complex life forms. As such, our brains are very powerful and incredible organs that can do extraordinary things. Our brain can help our body heal when injured, allowing bones to mend and skin to regrow. But did you realize that the brain can also heal itself and…

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Does Your Child Breathe Through Their Mouth?

Discover the signs, symptoms, and effects that mouth breathing can have on your child’s long-term health. Breathing through the mouth on a regular basis is a sign of physiological imbalance, and a warning for more serious health problems to come. Chronic mouth breathing does have treatment options, and it’s important to remember that the sooner…

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Sippy Cups and Your Child’s Growth and Development

Parents are always making healthy choices or the right decisions for their children, and it isn’t always easy. Parents don’t know what they don’t know. However, some options are obvious. One of the best choices a parent could consider at this moment is to stop using sippy cups. There are many adverse oral risks to…

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Is Your Tongue Causing Your Health Problems?

Ever wonder what organ really controls our body? Most assume it is the heart. The heart pumps blood to the lungs, which is needed to breathe efficiently. Both heart and lungs are vital to the human body’s machinery – but consider the tongue! Medical communities are surprised at this possible revelation. Is the tongue a…

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A person relaxing by the waters

Breathing incorporates a variety of physical and physiological processes that work together to maintain balanced respiration. When any of those elements are out of place, problems will arise. Common physical affectors include constricted airways and mouth breathing, both of which are treatable through myofunctional therapy. For non-physical imbalances in the respiration process, the Buteyko Breathing…

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