Tethered Oral Tissues

Assessing TOTs

TOTs can affect infants to adults - defined as a restriction of movement or range of motion of the tongue or lips present at birth. Can be missed. Restriction is caused from a too tight or thick membrane. This can cause the tongue to restrict airway, facial development, speech, chewing and more.

DD_Tongue Tie Wheel_CMYK

Tongue-ties can cause a range of symptoms that can create havoc with physical health. Starting at infancy thru adulthood many symptoms are passed by as nothing. Headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder pain, digestion issues and more. Call today for your assessment. 

Buccal Ties

Buccal frenums are located in the cheeks to assist in chewing and keeping food in the mouth. Sometimes they are too tight and cause tension in the body. We will assess all 7 frenums in the mouth. Call today for your assessment.


Lip-tie can cause havoc with any infant trying to breast feed or bottle feed. The upper or lower lips are too tight to create suction for feeding. Mothers can have breast pain, and numerous other symptoms from several or all frenums being too tight or thick - limiting their range of motion.

What to do?

Schedule for your TOTs assessment - all TOTs are included. We have a list of professionals that have experience in TOTs and understand the need for release. Call today, for your assessment or for your child. 

Awareness and Q&A can be found in Please Release Me -The Tethered Oral Tissue (TOT) Puzzle

Many parents and professionals alike have questions about TOTs. This book is here for you. Your concerns, what to do, who to see and how to perform the exercises. 

This will help anyone with a tongue! Please share this book with others. Please call us for YOUR TOT Assessment.