Tongue Thrust Therapy

A close up of the lips and chin of a person
A before and after picture of the teeth with missing tooth.

Tongue Thrust Elimination In 8 Weeks

Muscles in Harmony has developed an 8-weeks program for all tongue thrusters. This habit can be eliminated through our targeted behavioral program that provides positive reinforcement and coahing. This therapy will address swallowing habits and placement of the lips, jaw and tongue. Orthodontic. Corrections made to open bites without therapy will result in a reversing themselves over time

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Mouth Breathers

Mouth breathing is associated with obstruction of the upper causing pattern changes of craniofacial growth creating malocclusion. Variety of observation of mouth breathing, i.e jaw open wide, lips slightly apart, or some consistently talking. This habit needs to be stopped to prevent future airway concerns Contact Muscles in Harmony at (480) 422-1590

A close up of the lips and chin of a child