What is Mouth Breathing? (3 fingers raspberries)

Mouth Breathing (2 fingers raspberries)

Simple Tongue Exercises for baby and toddlers

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1-25-20 An overview of Orofacial Myology

Pat and Cathy are both orofacial myologist’s with dental backgrounds. The role of incorrect muscular movement and strength can adversely affect the development of oral habits, breathing, chewing and speaking and can be a powerful force in changing the shape of the teeth and jaws. They discuss their roles and the experiences that have made this part of their career so rewarding.

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1-07-20 FountainCast
Keeping your Muscles in Harmony with Pat Pine

9-23-19 Pat Pine & Dr. Howard Farran
Please Release Me. The Tethered Oral Tissue Puzzle by Patricia Pine, RDH, COM