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Breathing is number #1 for any human being. Abnormal breathing takes a toll on all organs in the body. Many patients are not breathing correctly, usually have anxiety are overworked, sleep-deprived and stressed, these all play an important role in abnormal breathing. Controlled nasal breathing can help keep your mind and body in healthy shape. Healthy normal breathing can assist in lowering blood pressure, promote a calm feeling without taking a chuck of time out of your day. Muscles in Harmony includes breathing therapy with myofunctional therapy exercises to reap the long-term benefits of healthy breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is a more effective type of breathing.

This type of breathing encourages nasal breathing which is the healthiest breathing for a human being. Mouthing breathing is detrimental to one’s physical and oral health. Practicing this type of breathing at Muscles in Harmony is controlled and gradual within our Myofunctional Therapy program. A mouth breather cannot close his/her mouth if there is an obstruction. We evaluate patients breathing to determine if it’s a habit or a concern.

Think of breathing as physical therapy with oral therapy because we are all connected. Myofunctional Therapy at Muscles in Harmony includes breathing as it is a non-invasive holistic approach for patients for life-long health. We evaluate each patients’ needs and customize their care, as each individual is unique. We repattern muscles with neuromuscular exercises to harmonize with all the muscles of the face. Breathing is an important aspect of myofunctional therapy.

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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy plays a critical role in discovering disorders that were not easily identified, such as breathing, sleep apnea, and night terrors, this therapy has such advantages for both patient and professionals.

What we do

Our focus is on what the patient requires to live a healthy life.  Sleep disturbances are on the rise for a variety of reasons.  Stress, technology in our hands 24/7 and on the mind of many. We’re realizing that the sleep problems in the world today are more concerning than ever.  Physical health is taking a toll.  Many healthcare professionals are concerned with how this affects the health of their patients.

It’s amazing how awareness is enlightening to those with sleep concerns. I see many clients with sleep apneas and its related sign and symptoms.

Tongue Dictates Health

The human tongue dictates health, and non-health.  It controls body systems.  But most important is the position or posture in the mouth that is significant.  Low muscle tone of the tongue is a sign that the muscles are weak and not functioning properly. Which will contribute to airway obstruction, and lead into other airway breathing issues, which include sleep apnea. These concerns can be treated at Muscles in Harmony easily. I mentioned the tongue as an authority of the body. If the tongue is anchored, tethered or have a short, tight frenum underneath the tongue, it is restricted and affects the function and movement which controls speech, digestion, airway, this is a physical restriction that can extend to the toes via fascia.  Creating tightness in the neck and shoulders and other organs and functions of the body. There is so much more to tongue-tie than meets the eye.  Believe it or not the tongue is the CEO of the body.

Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy has been available for the last 60 years and has been underutilized by health professionals.  Many are not aware of its advantages. Treating tongue and lip ties is amazing how people’s lives change. People that have been in speech therapy for years have their tongue evaluated starting with a full assessment. This determines what concerns the patient or parents have about themselves or their child.  We use therapy from head to toe. Sleep apnea, sleep disordered breathing is evaluated, we promote nasal breathing to encourage healthy breathing, mouth breathing causes many health issues. We refer to a network of professionals available that are knowledgeable about these concerns or disorders.  Studies are available stating that the earlier the child is seen for disorders the better. 

Muscles in Harmony see’s all age groups, birth through adult.  Observing movements of the tongue and body including breathing which are interlaced with primary reflexes that could be lingering within the body. Addressing sleep concerns, bed wetting, thumb or finger sucking, choking on food because swallowing is not preforming normally. We address all symptoms caused physically or habitually. We work with your PCP, or pediatrician, pedodontist, periodontists, orthodontists. Especially the orthodontists because if these habits continue the outcome post treatment may not be secure. Communication between professionals is important to ensure that you have the precise diagnosis and treatment program for the best possible outcome. Every aspect of life starts in the mouth. 

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About Pat

As a license dental hygienist for over 30 years; Pat has been implementing Myofunctional Therapy for 6 years.  Her practice is based out of Arizona but sees patients around the globe via internet – local in person.Focusing on the full body, head to toe.  We are connected, a healthy mouth means a healthy body.

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